Inspiration and trends:
Grey kitchens

Santos grey linear kitchen

In 2021, contemporary kitchens boast a thousand shades of grey, which capture the light while giving interiors an unexpected warm dimension.

Perfect for minimalist, Nordic and even rustic kitchens, grey combines with white, black or natural wood ranges to create a complex and welcoming universe. We love its simplicity and discreet sophistication.

Are you thinking of giving in to the calls of the beautiful grey kitchens that are everywhere but don't know where to start? Here are some Santos kitchen ideas and inspirations, which will make you want to add grey to your interior.

Grey and white modern kitchen

White and grey design kitchen

Architecture agency: Texier Soulas
Photographer: Olivier Hallot

An obvious, yet very effective combination that makes you fall under its spell: the grey and white modern kitchen. Mink grey adds elegance and personality to the brightness and shine of the white. An ideal match for a modern, clean-lined kitchen that remains functional and pleasant in everyday life.

Classic kitchen in light grey and white

Another happy marriage is that of light grey, almost white, and quality materials in light tones. This is the choice made for this kitchen dressed in a very bright pearl grey. The worktops are covered with white marble for even more sparkle. The high table, which serves as an extension of the central island, is covered in a light, warm wood that makes for a classic, comfortable and decisively contemporary grey kitchen.

Anthracite grey kitchen and glass to add lightness

Charcoal grey linear kitchen and glass display cabinet
Glass display cabinet above a Ceppo di Gré worktop

Shades of grey are also available in stone and glass. Here, the anthracite grey finish of the kitchen furniture is enhanced by the indirectly lit display cabinet with a Ceppo di Gré backdrop that overhangs the worktop. This installation allows you to have all your essentials within easy reach, while bringing order and visual lightness to the kitchen space. The shapes are visible and the quality of the materials is underlined by the soft reflections of the LED lighting system.

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A grey kitchen full of nuances

A grey and white kitchen with clean lines

Grey in the kitchen is also a choice of elegance. In constant dialogue with the other elements of the room, grey reveals the brilliance of white marble, the depth of wooden furniture, or the lightness of a glass partition. A choice that is as sensitive as it is daring and perfectly suited to timeless kitchens.

Combination of grey and wood

Kitchen with a combination of grey and wood

Opting for grey to dress up a kitchen is also, contrary to what you might think, choosing light in all its shades. It’s the ideal colour to enhance the materials that surround it.

Choosing a grey and wood kitchen also means playing with the times. In this case, mink grey, which is on-trend, enhances the rustic charm of this old-fashioned kitchen.

The mink grey of the central island supports the luminous reflections of the natural stone worktop, while it sublimates and brings a contemporary touch to the classic and warm atmosphere conferred by the walnut wood shelf. It’s also the link between the warm nuances of the central space and the exposed stone walls of the country houses.

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