Inspiration and trends:
the black kitchen

Image of black kitchen composed of column, tall and base units and a central island extended by a wooden table

Sophisticated, modern and full of character, black kitchens have been an essential trend in interior design for several years now.

For a long time, the colour black has suffered from many prejudices in the world of kitchens. Dark, dirty, not very bright and so on. These clichés are hard to dispel, yet black kitchens have many advantages. Indeed, dark colours bring elegance and character and fit very well in open spaces. It’s also a colour of choice for those who wish to create a minimalist style in their interior.

Although it’s undeniable that dark tones absorb light, it’s possible to nuance this effect in open spaces and by playing with other colours such as white or wood. In this article, we present you with several Santos kitchen projects and different ideas for creating an elegant and delicate black kitchen without losing light.

A black and wood kitchen that is open and warm

Photo of black kitchen integrated in an interior with wood on the ceiling and floor

The kitchen in this house, designed by a Spanish architectural firm, is a fine example of how to integrate black kitchen furniture without losing light. The living room, dining room and kitchen share an open space with large windows that let in light. The parallel distribution of the kitchen also favours the diffusion of natural light.

To enhance the brightness and play on contrasts, the architect in charge of the project chose to use white on the walls and doors. Similarly, the wood on the ceiling, with its beautiful laminated spruce beams, and on the floor, with its oak parquet, brings warmth to the space and accentuates the contrast with the black colour of the kitchen furniture, which, in addition to defining the space, gives it strength and personality.

Image of kitchen composed of a worktop and black furniture with clean lines and smooth fronts

With its clean lines and smooth, handleless fronts, the FINE LAH model in Silk Black by Santos offers a minimalist style that works well with the rustic and traditional elements in this home. In addition, this finish has a matt, anti-scratch technology with a soft finish, making it pleasant to look at as well as to touch.

Small black kitchen with island

Photo of small black kitchen with central island and white worktop

While black kitchens are not always recommended for small rooms for fear of restricting the space, there are solutions to counteract this problem. In this case, the use of a light-coloured natural stone worktop and credence can brighten up the space. Also, the addition of LED lighting underneath the tall units helps to brighten up the workspace.

Image of black central island with white worktop extended by a wooden high table and grey fabric chairs

The addition of a wooden high table and grey fabric chairs breaks up the contrasting appearance of the light marble and black and brings warmth to the space.

Closed black kitchen: we rely on the play of materials

Photo of black L-shaped kitchen with a central island and a light marble worktop

In this matt black kitchen, the balance is created by the play of materials. While the fronts have been selected in matt black, the light marble worktops, the natural oak table and the addition of an illuminated display cabinet with wooden shelves among the tall units bring warmth and clarity to the space.

The materials have been carefully selected to allow the light from the large kitchen window to be reflected. Similarly, the circulation of natural light is enhanced by the L-shaped layout.

Image of matt black kitchen with light marble worktop, consisting of a central island and tall and base units

As in the previous example, the owners of this Parisian flat opted for kitchen furniture with clean, minimalist finishes, complemented by furniture in light tones and with rounded curves to soften the space.

Dark kitchen: play on dark shades with black and grey

 Photo of Kitchen with a linear design in black and dark grey, consisting of a central island, column units and a sideboard display cabinet

Although this colour scheme is not suitable for all spaces, the mix of black and grey in the kitchen is a growing trend that has been emerging for a few months.

Our recommendation for using these colours while maintaining a harmonious interior? Have open and very bright spaces, and use the tips mentioned in the previous examples: use natural materials, paint the walls white, don’t put obstacles in the way of light, opt for illuminated cabinets, etc.

Image of black and grey kitchen composed by column units and a central island

In this case, the black shelf is completed by a grey marbled island. The latter finish is also present on the inside of the furniture to break up the all-black side of the shelf. A large glass cabinet has been installed in the dining area to reflect the light and bring lightness with its transparent design.

Black kitchen with a touch of wood

Photo of black L-shaped cabinet and kitchen units with grey worktop and credence, wooden high chairs

As in the previous example, the kitchen furniture consists of a mix of black and grey tones and a cabinet to lighten the space. The worktop and credence, finished in natural stone, perfectly complement the black colour of the kitchen doors. To enhance the light and add warmth, we play with the furniture.

Image of black L-shaped display cabinet and kitchen units with grey worktop and credence, wooden high chairs, tables and chairs

Here, the wooden table and chairs, together with the parquet floor, give a more traditional look that contrasts the finishes with the very contemporary lines of the kitchen furniture, therefore achieving a perfect balance.

In conclusion, with a well-designed and balanced design, black kitchens, whether glossy or matt, allow for the creation of minimalist and sophisticated environments, without losing either light or a feeling of space. If you would like to know more about this trend and receive personalised advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.