Kitchen colours:
Trends, ideas and inspiration

Linear kitchen open to the living area

One of the most important aesthetic elements in the kitchen is the colour. Apart from a question of taste, there are many aspects to consider in making the right choice. Is the kitchen large or small? Is it open or closed? How is the furniture distributed? Do you have good natural lighting? Does your kitchen have a dining areaWhat style are you looking for? All of these elements will help you determine the ideal colour for your kitchen, one that enhances the natural beauty of the room and helps make it a functional, comfortable and welcoming space.

While trend was beige and wood tones for many years, today darker colours such as grey and black account for a large share of the French market, while white remains a timeless classic.

Kitchen units with black front and grey marble credence and worktop

In any case, since the aim is generally to create a kitchen that will last over time, we advise you, ideally, to opt for a colour that you feel comfortable with, that you won't get tired of after a few years, and that adapts well to the characteristics of your space.

With this in mind, to inspire you and give you some ideas, we offer you several examples of kitchens with our best-selling kitchen colours in this article. We hope that these will serve as a starting point for creating a kitchen that suits you.

White kitchens

White design kitchen

Bright, light, versatile and easy to clean, white furniture goes with everything and allows the space to be visually enlarged. That's why we strongly recommend these colours for small kitchens or rooms with little natural light. This is because white tones are able to reflect light, therefore providing clarity and a sense of grandeur.

Of course, white isn’t just for small spaces. It’s also very suitable for large kitchens, with or without islands, as well as for open spaces. In these cases, the feeling of space is even greater.

White is a timeless classic, even with changing kitchen colour trends. In fact, white is just as suitable for rustic homes as for minimalist spaces. It can be used as the basis for any decorative style. Are you afraid of getting tired of white? You can incorporate coloured elements to stay on-trend and make them evolve over the years.

White L-shaped kitchen

One of the criticisms often aimed at white kitchens is that they can be cold and lack personality. To counteract this, simply combine them with other tones, such as wood, to give them warmth, black, as in the photo above, to play with contrasts, or, as mentioned above, with decorative coloured details to give them a unique touch.

The rest of the colour palette can be explored when installing the worktop (materials such as Compact Quartz, Silestone or Compac allow for a virtually infinite range of colours), the floor, the credence or the furniture, to create a timeless kitchen that is always to your taste.

Cashmere-coloured kitchens

Cashmere-coloured kitchen

As an alternative to white, the cashmere-coloured kitchen offers all the advantages of white tones while opting for a slightly warmer shade. This kitchen colour allows you to take advantage of natural light to create a bright and warm atmosphere. Like white, it’s suitable for both small and large spaces and works well with grey or natural wood effect patterns.

Grey kitchen

Santos kitchen with grey and wood units

Grey is a neutral, elegant and versatile colour. It’s less risky than black, but still adds character to the kitchen space. Grey works well with white and wood, but it can also work on its own.

One of the advantages of this modern kitchen colour is its wide range of shades: from sandy or pearl grey, to lighter shades, to the depth of graphene or anthracite. Depending on your taste, the amount of light and the size of the kitchen, you can choose from these different shades or even combine them in the same space.

Santos black and grey kitchen with a central island, column units and a display cabinet

On the other hand, grey finishes inspired by natural stone, such as grey marble, are very on-trend. These finishes can be used for furniture as well as for counters and preparation areas. They provide a sophisticated and contemporary touch and can be combined perfectly with other shades of grey or even with black.

Black kitchen

Matt black kitchen

Black is the colour of elegance par excellence, and it goes very well with open and bright rooms, especially if you opt for matt tones. For those who are particularly fond of darker tones, black is perfect for a very chic result. Its character is even more apparent if you choose simple furniture with a minimalist look, without handles, which blends naturally with the rest of the furniture in the house. In addition, to avoid the disadvantages of black, such as stubborn fingerprints and grease marks, Santos offers a matt, anti-stain finish.

Kitchen with black and wood

Black is ideal for highlighting contrasts and goes perfectly with white and wood. Indeed, as mentioned above, an all-black kitchen is only recommended in living spaces with lots of natural light. If this is not the case in your space, but you still wish to opt for this colour, we recommend that you only use it on part of the furniture, as black darkens and visually reduces the space. For example, you can choose black for your island, and lighter colours for the remaining furniture.

In short, be careful with this choice of kitchen colours, which, unlike white, cannot be adapted to all types of interior.

Wooden kitchen

Kitchen with natural wood veneer units

A great classic in kitchen design, wood never goes out of fashion, but is reinvented. In fact, the preferred kitchen colours have changed over the years.

Among the current trends, darker woods, such as walnut, are often favoured, especially in open spaces. Regardless of the type of wood chosen, the beauty and naturalness of the grain adds charm and a warm atmosphere to the kitchen area.

If you don't want to opt for wood throughout the kitchen, wooden units can also be combined with white, grey and black details.

Whether you have opted for a classic or contemporary interior design, this quality finish will become the centre of attention, especially if combined with a natural stone counter.

We hope this article has inspired you and given you ideas for your kitchen design. We will be happy to assist you with your kitchen project and to show you the various finishes and design possibilities in our showroom.

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