Kitchen Peninsula Ideas
for Your Next Kitchen Project

Grey kitchen with peninsula, bar stools and a wooden coffee area

Photography : Héctor Santos-Díez, Fernando de Bustos, Élodie Gutbrod.

If you’re looking for kitchen peninsula ideas, look no further. For those of you who have always dreamt of a kitchen island but lack the space, a kitchen peninsula might just be the answer to your problems. Increasing work space and storage without taking up as much space as an island, it’s a no-brainer for many of our clients.

Read on to find out why we love them and get some inspiration from our recent kitchen peninsula projects.

Choosing between a peninsula and an island

White open-plan kitchen with a peninsula bar area

We know that kitchen islands are the stuff of dreams, but unfortunately, they're just not suitable for every space. If you have a smaller kitchen, installing an island can get pretty complicated as you need a minimum of 90 cm space on each side to enable you to move around easily.

Don’t worry though – a kitchen with a peninsula will benefit from almost all of the same functions as a kitchen with an island, with the only real difference being that a peninsula is attached to the wall at one end. Just as with a central island, we can add storage, a cooking area, a washing-up zone, and even electronic appliances built into the base units.

Gain extra space and storage with a kitchen peninsula

White and wooden kitchen with a peninsula and dining room separated by glass

If you're in need of extra worktops or storage but don't have space for a central island, the kitchen peninsula could be the ideal solution for you. It's a great alternative to a kitchen island as it takes up less space whilst still providing extra storage and an additional work surface.

White and wooden kitchen with a peninsula open to the dining room

To fully benefit from all the available space on the peninsula, you can opt to add a plinth drawer, which provides storage all the way to the floor.

Define the space with a peninsula

Grey kitchen with peninsula, retractable unit with wooden interiors and a built-in extraction hood

One of our favourite ideas for kitchen peninsulas is to use them to define the space. When installed in an open-plan kitchen, the kitchen peninsula creates a slight separation between the kitchen space and the dining or living room, breaking up the room.

Adding tall bar stools or a small dining table will make it an easy place to host family or friends and prioritise hanging out in the kitchen.

Kitchen peninsula ideas: our recent projects

Large, open-plan kitchen with a peninsula with a washing up zone, bar stools and a hob

In this large, open-plan kitchen, the kitchen peninsula allowed us to install a bar space as well as zones for prep, cooking and washing-up. This way of laying out the kitchen also meant that the dining table could be at the heart of the kitchen space, making it more social.

Closed grey kitchen with a peninsula that has a wooden dining table attached

This project is a great example of a closed kitchen with a peninsula. Here we added a dining table and a bar corner alongside areas for prep, cooking and washing-up, making the space very multipurpose.

Marble peninsula and backsplash in a white and wooden kitchen
Kitchen peninsula installed opposite straight kitchen in marble and wood

For this project, our client had a small, open space in the living room where they wanted to install their kitchen. We installed a kitchen peninsula to provide a cooking zone that had additional storage and would allow us to create a bit of separation from the living room.


If you’d like to talk through some alternative kitchen peninsula ideas, or have a plan already in mind, organise a meeting with our team of interior designers now.