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Have you just bought a new kitchen or are you sorting out the existing one? Are you tired of seeing spatulas and other utensils lying around on the worktop? You can never find your tin opener in your drawer and you want to tidy up your kitchen? We have the solution for you thanks to our partner, the kitchen brand Santos.

Everything in its place with Santos kitchen drawer organisers

Santos offers many ingenious storage solutions for the inside of your drawers: cutlery trays, knife holders, spice trays, cutting trays, paper towel compartments, crates, etc. There are as many design possibilities as there are customers. The brand offers modular solutions that adapt to your needs and allow you to keep your kitchen tidy and easily find your dishes, food and accessories.

Functional and aesthetic storage

Accessories for Santos drawers

In addition to the functional aspect, Santos also attaches great importance to the aesthetics of its furniture, both inside and out. The kitchen drawer organisers are available in three finishes: Leather-effect Graphene, Walnut veneer or Olive Ash wood.

Dedicated storage solutions

Cutlery organiser solutions

Santos drawer compartments

There’s nothing more unpleasant than untidy cutlery. With Santos, you can forget about this feeling, because every piece of cutlery has its place. The cutlery accessory keeps knives, forks and spoons in place in a simple and elegant way thanks to its 6 compartments designed to make your life easier. The brand also offers a cutlery tray to store and find your kitchen knives safely. Thanks to the slots for inserting the knife blade, the risk of accidents is now minimal.

Spice drawer organisers

Storage solution for spices

It’s common to find all the spice jars piled up at the back of a cupboard, where they take up a lot of space and are sometimes difficult to access. With the Santos drawer spice rack, spices are now easily visible and always within reach.

Wine storage solutions

Wine storage solution

The Spanish brand had wine lovers in mind when it created a wine rack system for drawers. A very practical accessory for those who don’t have the space for a wine cellar or to have more storage space for bottles.

Exclusive, ingenious solutions

Storage accessories for under-sink drawers
Drawer storage accessories

After the more traditional storage solutions mentioned above, Santos has taken this a step further.

The first step was to look at the problem of under-sink drawers, which are usually used to store cleaning products or waste. Santos created a system that allows the bins to be stored either in the top drawer or in the bottom drawer of the cabinet under the sink, for greater discretion and accessibility.

Next, it focused on the space required for the worktop. The Spanish brand has therefore developed a tray for cutting and storing bread that fits directly into the top drawer. The top drawer is removable and can be brought to the table at mealtime.

Equipment for high drawers

Crockery storage solution
Removable storage boxes of different sizes

Santos chest accessories have been designed to maximise the visibility and accessibility of the contents of your units.

To store your dishes safely, Santos has created a system with wooden pivots that can be repositioned. These allow you to adjust the size of your plates, bowls and serving dishes and hold them in place when opening and closing the drawers. In addition, the plywood base is moisture resistant, ensuring that the cabinet will last even when storing dishes from the dishwasher that are not quite dry.

The brand also offers removable kitchen storage boxes of different sizes in Olive Ash or Walnut wood. These are particularly useful for organising food or kitchen utensils.

The kitchen drawer dividers offer the possibility to organise large pots, pans and utensils efficiently.

Optimising space with the plinth drawer

Kitchen base units with drawers and plinth boxes
Kitchen base unit with drawers and plinth box

Exclusive system of the Santos brand, the plinth box allows to optimise the space down to the floor and to replace the classic plinth with a storage space. The high drawer accessories are all compatible with this system, keeping your kitchen organised from top to bottom.