Santos Kitchen Lighting
to Illuminate the Inside and the Outside

Image of kitchen with a lighting system designed by Santos

Light is an essential ingredient for working comfortably and efficiently in the kitchen. Our kitchen furniture supplier, Santos, offers a range of integrated and discreet options designed to illuminate the workspace and the interior of the units. All of these are based on LED lighting systems, which offer lower energy consumption and maximum life. The brand offers them in two tones: neutral white, a colour recommended for work areas, or warm white, which is more suitable for the dining and living areas.

Exclusive Santos lighting systems to illuminate the work area

Photo of lighting profiles installed on a black worktop in a dark kitchen designed by Santos

Santos has designed and developed two lighting profiles dedicated to work areas. These can be used separately or in a complementary way. The installation of these lighting systems provides additional light, facilitates everyday tasks with better lighting on the kitchen worktop and also enhances the aesthetics of the furniture.

Integrated LED lighting profile

Image of LED lighting profile integrated in the lower part of a kitchen tall unit

As an aluminium profile built into the lower part of the higher units, the integrated LED lighting profile extends across the entire width of the unit, providing indirect, functional, continuous and homogeneous light over the kitchen worktop. Unlike other solutions, the advantage of the Santos integrated LED lighting profile is that it’s built a few millimetres into the furniture’s surface, so that the light source is not directly visible to the user, avoiding the annoying glare and reflections.

LED accent profile for kitchen lighting

Photo of customisable under-unit integrated LED lighting accent profile
Image of LED accent profile for kitchen lighting installed underneath a tall unit and integrating sockets and a channel for accessories

This profile is installed under tall units, adapting to their width. It provides indirect decorative lighting over the kitchen worktop and can also be used as ambient lighting for the room. This kitchen lighting system also incorporates switches and sockets, making it easy to use small appliances and to connect tablets and other electronic devices.

This lighting system also incorporates a channel to equip the area between the tall units and the work area with utensils such as a roll holder, knife holder, spice rack or book or tablet holder so that they are always within reach and within sight. In addition, this element can be customised with decorative panels, giving the kitchen a more uniform colour scheme.

Exclusive Santos furniture lighting systems for the interior of units

Photo of sideboard display cabinet equipped with the Santos furniture lighting system for the interior of units

Santos has also created two exclusive furniture lighting profiles to illuminate the interior of tall units, columns and display cabinets. In addition to the aesthetic dimension, these profiles make it easier to visualise the contents of the units and, in the case of the display cabinets, this type of lighting can also act as ambient lighting.

Interior LED lighting profile

Image of wall units with interior LED lighting profile

The interior LED lighting profile is a customisable lacquered aluminium profile on the top of the tall units and columns that provides indirect and decorative light to the interiors of your storage furniture.

This decorative cascading lighting system creates a “curtained” light effect across the bottom of the cabinet and has a system for adjusting the intensity. The choice of glass shelves maximises the passage of light and facilitates its diffusion.

LED shelf lighting

Photo of display cabinet equipped with Santos LED shelf lighting at the back of the unit
View of the illumination offered by the LED shelf lighting system

For a soft shelf lighting, we offer an LED profile that is fitted 2 cm from the back of the shelves. This system allows for the distribution of indirect decorative light on the back of the unit.

Lighting using LED spotlights

Image of kitchen lit with LED spotlights underneath the tall units

In addition to the brand's exclusive lighting system profiles mentioned above, Santos also offers modern kitchen lighting using LED spotlights. These can be installed on the ceiling of the tall units, therefore serving as an auxiliary or working light, but also inside the unit. In this case, for a more refined look, we recommend opting for glass shelves, as these facilitate the diffusion of light throughout the unit.