The kitchen peninsula:
an island alternative for small spaces

Anthracite, steel grey and wood peninsula kitchen with sink, stove, integrated breakfast bar and table attached.

Photography : Héctor Santos-Díez, Fernando de Bustos, Élodie Gutbrod.

Are you dreaming of a kitchen island but don't have the space to accommodate one? A peninsula ​​is a smart alternative for smaller areas because it serves almost the same functions as an island while taking up less space.

So, kitchen island or peninsula, which one should you go for?

Open-plan white peninsula kitchen with perpendicular oak breakfast bar extension

Many of us see islands as the holy grail of kitchen design but unfortunately, they cannot be fitted everywhere. Where kitchen space is limited, installing an island can be difficult, as they require a minimum of 90 cm of circulation space all around.

Rest assured that we have a solution! As a matter of fact, when it comes to functionality and design, a kitchen peninsula is pretty similar to a central island. The only difference is, as its name suggests, that the central island is freestanding in the centre of the room, whilst the peninsula is attached to a wall at one end. Like a central island, it can incorporate storage, a cooking area and/or a washing area, or even appliances integrated into the base units.

Gain additional storage with a peninsula

White kitchen peninsula with sink and seating. Galley layout closed by industrial-style glass partition.

This white and wood galley kitchen features a peninsula with a sink. The counter stools and industrial-style glass partition bring black contrasting accents.

White kitchen peninsula with seating, separated from the dining room by an industrial-style glass partition.

To maximise space, it is possible to add a plinth drawer to the peninsula, which is a box system nestled under your base unit and extending to the floor.

The peninsula, a stylish and functional room divider

3D open-plan galley kitchen layout in grey and wood tones, separated from the living and dining areas by a peninsula.

Are you thinking of setting up your kitchen in an open-plan space? A peninsula is just the thing for zoning different areas. Sitting parallel to your one wall kitchen, it complements your appliances with a large workspace, while separating the kitchen area from the dining room or living room.

Complete with high stools or a dining corner, it will make for a perfect entertaining spot, fostering conviviality.

Peninsula kitchen inspiration: our projects

Modern slate grey peninsula kitchen next to a wooden dining table and enclosed by floor-to-ceiling glazing.
Large peninsula kitchen-dining room overlooking a garden. Grey breakfast bar with anthracite marble countertop, stove and sink.

In this vast open-plan kitchen, the peninsula allows for the integration of the bar zone as well as the preparation, cooking and washing areas. Moreover, this kitchen layout puts the dining area at the heart of the room, for a more sociable feel.

Galley kitchen-dining room in grey hues, with a peninsula integrating a breakfast bar and a wooden table attached.

A peninsula can work really well in a closed-plan kitchen too, below is an example. To conceive this design, we have installed a dining table and a bar area. The additions of the prep station as well as the cooking and washing sections make the space completely versatile.

Peninsula kitchen with marble worktops and backsplash, surrounded by wooden cabinets.
Small galley kitchen opening to the lounge, featuring wooden cabinets and marble countertops on both runs of units.

For this project, our client wanted to set up his kitchen in a small space, opening to the living room. We chose to install a peninsula comprising of a cooking area with plenty of storage which separated the kitchen from the lounge area.

Looking to design a peninsula kitchen? ​​Start developing your idea with our team of interior design experts.