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We will need you to tell us about your needs and expectations for your new kitchen design. We will also need a floor plan of the room with all the measurements and relevant details. This information will be the starting point for us to develop a draft and a quote that’s specific to you. You can send us this information online or bring it in person.

The delivery time estimate for your kitchen will depend on the design itself and the overall characteristics. From the start, we will provide you with precise information about the delivery and assembly dates. Usually, once the measurements are checked and the order is confirmed, we estimate six weeks until the beginning of the assembly process. In the case of kitchen projects launched during holiday periods, we will let you know about possible delays.

It would be possible to develop a large part of the processes online. We could carry out the first appointment via videoconference, where we would analyse your needs, get a better idea of your tastes and learn the budget you have set aside for your interior design project. The visit to the space for the measuring process must be in person. When it comes to the appointment to present the project draft, we prefer it took place in person, so that we can show you all the finishes and furniture details we have included in your project.

If you request an appointment beforehand, our sales representatives will give you a slot in their diary to receive you as soon as possible. In addition, if you provide us with the plans and/or photographs of your space in advance, we will be able to advise you in a more personalized way.

If you can provide us with the delimited measurements of your room, and of all the architectural features within it (doors, windows, pillars, plumbing, power sockets, smoke vents for the extractor fan) we can suggest a new distribution right away and determine the approximate budget you had set aside for this interior design project in the first appointment.

Knowing the budget you have planned for your project beforehand will allow us to personalise it, even at a financial level. In this way, we will be able to fit into our draft the furniture, kitchen worktop and appliances that adjust to the investment you had envisaged.

Each project is unique. We need to know about your needs, tastes and preferences to, consequently, design a project with a distribution and equipment choice tailored to you.

In order to receive our construction plan with the measurements and details for all the installations necessary (power sockets, plumbing, smoke vents for the extractor fan, etc.), you need to have accepted the price for the kitchen project we have quoted at the showroom. With each accepted kitchen project, we hand in an installation plan for the construction work. Later in the process we will follow up to check the renovator has left the installations according to the plan.

We have a catalogue full of modular furniture and ample possibilities, which allows us to adapt to any particular feature of any kitchen’s architecture: pillars, beams, etc.

Yes, there is the option to pay for your kitchen project in instalments. We offer payment plans up to 12 months without interest (prior application and authorisation required). You will be able to pay comfortably.

Our teams of Santos-approved fitters will carry out the kitchen assembly. These professionals have extensive experience and are qualified in kitchen installations; they also receive training periodically to learn about the assembly of new products and about Santos installation regulations. Experts whose continuous learning assures their extensive knowledge about components, construction systems and the brand’s kitchen equipment.

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