Open kitchen with central island,
dining table and smoked glass cabinet

Nowadays, the kitchen is no longer a closed room, exclusively used for cooking. It is increasingly common to open the kitchen area to the rest of the home, merging the ambiance and fostering cohabitation relationships. In this case, the kitchen, dining room and reading area are turned into a single space that, even though versatile, still is consistent and homogeneous.

The property


Single-family, two-storey home


Jorge Vales Fernández


Fernando de Bustos

The kitchen


Santos: kitchen island and columns: FINE Cashmere. Glass door unit: ALUM-01 NOIR Black Aluminium


34,7 m2


Parallel to the kitchen island

Furniture and decoration

Kitchen and dining room

Profim: Chic chair 20HW Black / SY15 / Kateha: Allium Salt&Peppar rug size 200x300 cm / Other items: curved rectangular table made to order in walnut wood, size 250x105x75 cm. Ceiling with a tinted pine wood structure. Rendered perimeter LED lighting. Vintage LED zenithal luminaires

Reading area

Santos: modular system with a FINE Walnut Vertical Earth finish / Amura: Uchiwa armchair CM87 Nabuk 5060 metal base Nichel / Brokis: Jack O’Lantern decorative lamp model Small PC1053 Black

Top floor corridor

Brokis: Muffins Wood lamp model PC849 American Walnut. Muffins Wood lamp model PC850 American Walnut


Kettal: Cala Dining Armchair Wood Legs. Riva Low Club Armchair

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