Open kitchen with island,
dining room and sitting room

The kitchen, completely open, is located in the heart of the home’s common areas, serving as a link between the dining room and the living room. The barriers that traditionally separated these areas of work and leisure are erased creating a unique interior, joining the different zones into one single, open and ample space.

The property




Fernando de Bustos

The kitchen


Santos: kitchen island: FINE Grey Marble. Column area: FINE Silk Black. Cabinet: Black Aluminium ALUM-01 NOIR with smoked glass and Grey Marble coloured interior


22,28 m2


Parallel to the kitchen island

Furniture and decoration

Santos: multi-purpose trolley in Black Aluminium and Rustic Oak / Brokis: Balloon model floor lamp / Other items: Chestnut wood paving. Whitened puzzle-style ceiling

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