Parallel kitchen,
annexed to the living-dining room

The parallel kitchen, the living room and the dining room share an open and translucent area. A great sliding glass door separates the kitchen space when the need arises, at the same time it allows light to pass through into the rest of this unique interior, strengthening their connection. The living room opens into the garden and the horizon with a similar solution. Therefore, when the two glass walls are slid back, the light from the outside floods into the kitchen area and the rest of the house. The atmosphere changes throughout the day, becoming a part of the present.

The property




Elena Sarmiento Díez and Adrián Martín Prieto (AEstudio Arquitectura)


José Luis López de Zubiría

The kitchen


Santos: LINE Silk Black LAH model


10,17 m2



Furniture and decoration

Santos: coffee table and sideboard / Kettal: outdoor furniture / Normann Copenhagen: kitchenware. Table vases. Cushions

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