Living room with modular furniture,
sofa and coffee table

This peculiar house is located on a slope-like riverbank, amidst a vast oak forest and two steps away from a 18th century baroque chapel. This idyllic landscape surrounding the property invites pause and rest, which is why it’s a perfect place to seek refuge from the bustle of everyday life.

The property


Single-family home


Fernando de Bustos

Furniture and decoration

Santos: LISSE model in Silk Matt Anthracite Grey from ‘Living’ furniture, with 1.3 mm-thick fronts and 2 lacquered sides

Bensen: Loft sofa model; model Delta Club Chair seat / Amura: Uchiwa armchair model / Brokis: Muffins Wood 01 lamp model in American walnut wood

Other items: Concrete walls with the furnished area painted in NCS S 5502-B colour; Concrete ceiling seen directly with the finish after shuttering; doors with an exterior aluminium carpentry in anthracite grey and interior carpentry in sapele wood; made-to-order table with a natural oak frame and a marble lid, size 110x110x46 cm; luminaires over electrified rails

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