Open-plan living room and kitchen studio

Become a kitchen-showroom handler with eba,
a brand with a bright future

How to open a showroom and access a market with exciting prospects

The interior design and furnishing sector has experienced a great surge in the last few years, noticing an increase of the number of requested projects, and very optimistic growth forecasts. By opening an eba living room furniture and kitchen showroom in your city, you will be able to access this thriving market directly, offering a wide selection of high-end fittings to equip home kitchens and living areas.

Why open an eba interior design showroom?

The eba showroom concept was created and developed by the furniture designer from SANTOS, a company founded in 1923, that, because of its innovation, quality and savoir faire, has become an undisputed leader in the Spanish sector. Currently, all our accumulated experience in design and product sale is at your disposal thanks to the new eba living room furniture and kitchen showrooms, created with the purpose of responding efficiently to today’s market demands.


A defined model,
without entry fees or royalties

We offer you an exclusive concession model that is clear and transparent, with a minimum €200k contribution and no entry fees or royalties.


Choose an exclusive set up area
for your interior design showroom

You will be able to choose the area where you open your eba showroom with living area and kitchen studio, with the guarantee that you will keep its exclusivity.


Interior design showrooms
designed to work well

The eba showroom is a business concept that was developed from experience, which ensures agile management and optimal performance.


No need
for stock

The eba showrooms for living room furniture and kitchens have a zero-stock system, with sales upon request, centralised "just-in-time" distribution and controlled payments.


A system geared
towards sales

We will support you at all times so that you can focus on the most important part: caring for customer service and generating business volume.

An interior design showroom with modern living room furniture

Permanent support during every stage of your local kitchen showroom

From the moment you decide to open an eba showroom, the brand’s specialised team will be with you every step of the way, advising you and helping you reach the best decisions to ensure the profitability of your business.


We develop the business plan alongside you

We get involved in the development of your business plan, considering the initial investment, the break-even point and the return deadline.


We help you choose the best location for your studio

We will analyse the potential and factors that influence your area to find the optimal location for your kitchen and living room showroom.


We develop the project for your design showroom

We develop a project for your showroom, tailored to your specific needs, including distribution, design, furniture, signage and quality control.


We advise you about team management

We will help you with personnel selection, aiming to create and organise the most suitable team for your living area and kitchen showroom.


We offer
personalised training

We will provide you with a personalised training programme delving into the product, management and sales, as well as our very own manuals.


We support you in managing your business

We help you implement the best management programme, offering you continued counselling in how to steer your living area and kitchen showroom.


We review all your kitchen showroom’s orders

Our technical team will personally revise every one of your orders to help you guarantee the excellence of the service.

eba kitchen studio with an island and a large showcase

Do you need more information?
We would be delighted if you contact us

If you would like us to provide you with more information about the eba showroom business model, please send us the following form completed with your information. We will be delighted to help you.