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Dining room furnished with a round table, Profim canvas chairs, column display cabinets by Santos Living and a wardrobe

At eba we want to help you create harmonious, functional and unique interiors. The range of designer high-end furniture brands we offer is based on a careful selection of products that stand out for their timeless and pure design, their high quality and their innovative and sustainable production processes.

At the eba showroom exhibits, you will find a wide variety of furniture and accessories: from high-end kitchens fitted to the last detail, to living-room furniture, going through bookshelves, sofas, chairs and lamps. All our furniture pieces and accessories are appropriate for both private homes and corporate settings.


eba’s roots are set in Spain, with the high-end kitchen furnishing manufacturer Santos. This is why our activities mainly revolve around kitchens, which we consider to be the heart of the home; the room around which everything is built. Santos kitchens are minimalist, timeless, functional and ergonomic; they offer a wide variety of possibilities, to adapt to the needs and lifestyle of each individual.

Living furniture

Santos also offers a range of designer furniture for living rooms, dining rooms and other common areas. This line, comprised of high or low furniture pieces, panel systems, bookcases and shelves, allows you to create open and connected spaces, by matching the kitchen’s finishes with those in the rest of the home.


We have chosen the designer furniture brands Amura and Bensen because of their exclusive designs, their quality, and above all, because of their comfort and durability. We offer textile or leather sofas in many different sizes and colours to suit every taste.

Seating furniture

Our range of furniture includes high-quality armchairs and chairs that will add a unique touch to any room. Thanks to their exclusive design, quality, and above all, comfort and durability, these high-end chairs and armchairs will become an essential element in your kitchen, living or dining room.


We offer several designer lamp options: contemporary, sculpture-like, decorative and combinable. Kitchen lamps, ceiling lamps, pendant lamps or floor lamps will add a touch of light unique to any ambiance, both indoors and outdoors.


To give the finishing touch to your home, eba offers rugs with exclusive designs that are hand-made by craftsmen using natural and sustainable materials, manufactured in conditions that respect human rights. High-quality rugs like these will provide warmth and personality to any corner of your home, and they will help delimit different areas within the same room.

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