Sideboards, cabinets, kitchen dressers:
Aesthetic storage options

Photo of kitchen with central island, smoked glass display cabinet and dining table

Do you want to add charm to your interior? The cabinets and shelves are the ideal option to give an exclusive touch to your spaces.

Glass storage units are one of the great classics of interior design. Although they went through a period of decline, they are back in force with revisited and refined lines and are more on-trend than ever. Today, they are no longer reserved for the kitchen and can be found in the living room, the dining room, and even the bathroom and corridors.

At eba, we offer you a contemporary and refreshed version of this furniture to proudly display your objects and dishes.

Sideboard display cabinet

Image of sideboard display cabinet in grey-blue and wood tones, wooden table and chairs

The most classic, the one we all know from our family homes: the sideboard display cabinet.

Inspired by traditional china cabinets, it consists of cabinets on the upper part and storage units on the lower part. Here, the base unit contains three drawers, but can be arranged according to our customers' wishes.

This arrangement allows crockery and aesthetic objects to be displayed behind the display cabinet and is particularly practical for storing larger items in the lower section.

Modular shelving

Photo of modular shelving combining column type cabinets and panels with shelves

As the name suggests, this system is fully modular. Modular shelving is a combination of column cabinets and panels with shelves. In the office or living room, it’s particularly practical to keep your essentials within easy reach, while still having an aesthetically pleasing space. The interior and exterior finishes of the composition can be customised with a wide range of options.

The display cabinet

Image of sideboard display cabinet with black aluminium frame and smoked glass fronts

This unit with a black aluminium frame and smoked glass fronts is particularly versatile. It’s equally at home in the kitchen, living room or dining room.

The display cabinet is particularly useful for storing crockery and brings a design and decorative touch to the room. It’s also possible to integrate LED lighting. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, this allows the furniture to be transformed into a source of additional light to create a softer atmosphere in the evening.

The sideboard with open shelves

Photo of sideboard consisting of three hanging base units and a panel with open shelves

In contrast to the classic sideboard, this sideboard has a panel with open shelves on the upper part of the unit and three suspended pull-out units on the lower part. The open shelves are for storing books and decorative items, while the lower part is for storing things that you don't want to be visible.

You can also opt for a sideboard with glass doors on the lower part of the unit.

What are the uses for glass cabinets?

In the kitchen, the display cabinet is used to store crockery in an aesthetic way by highlighting it behind the glass doors. You can also display vintage objects (weight scales, clocks, etc.) or store food in attractive boxes.

There are many uses in the living room or hallway. From a bookcase to a fully decorative piece of furniture, it all depends on the space you have available.

In the bathroom, glass cabinets can be used to store bath towels, but also to display cosmetics and beauty products in an attractive way.

How to maintain your display cabinet?

In order to make good use of your glass or open furniture, it’s important to tidy up regularly to avoid a messy effect.

To properly maintain the display cabinets, it’s advisable to clean them with warm water mixed with white vinegar and a soft cloth. Contrary to popular belief, it’s advisable not to use special glass products, as they grease them and make it particularly difficult to remove marks.

What type of furniture should I choose?

Image of a classic sideboard consisting of a display cabinet and a base unit with drawers

Whatever your space, the strength of the Santos system is that it’s fully modular. From the colours and finishes to the dimensions (height, depth and length), the number of compartments, the possibility of integrating LED lighting, and the choice of closing with or without a display cabinet, everything is customisable and can be adapted to your taste and style. In fact, the Spanish brand offers a wide range of finish options: marbled, wood-patterned, light or dark plain, etc.

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